How To Review An Escort

We all love being appreciated for any little effort we show in life. Although we rarely get appreciated in our place of work, employers who knows values their employees, they’ll tell you the importance of appreciating their services. A simple ‘Thank You’ goes a long way into strengthening any relationship.

When it comes to the escort industry, the same thing applies. Chennai escorts appreciate very much when their clients are happy with their services and appreciate their work. Appreciating a female escort might be done in different ways. Some clients may decide to give them a tip, give them a good recommendation to their friends or better still, give them positive reviews.

Although all these means are very effective and go a long way in making this escort in Chennai a better person, not all is as effective. If you need to not only make this girl a better person but also to grow her business and sell her out to potential clients, all you need to do is to give them positive reviews. Positive reviews are exactly as a good recommendation from your old client or employer. If your employer speaks well of you, chances are, your next employer will have trust in your abilities.

Steps followed in reviewing an escort

If the escort in Chennai works in an escort agency, reviewing them is very easy. The processes involved include;

Sign in to the website

The first step involves signing in to the agency’s website with your email address. There are some that might not require you to enter your email address for security purposes. However, even those who do request for email address keep them as a secret and do not share them with other users. It is actually possible to use a pseudo name while writing your comment. 

Click on the specific escort

Once you have signed in, select the specific female escort you would want to review and leave your review. Your review can include your experience with her, how she handles herself, how she treats her clients and many other things that seem necessary to you.


When reviewing a female escort, avoid using so many words as you might end up messing things in the process. Just be short and to the point as this will also encourage other users to read. However, never exaggerate things, always be as truthful as possible but also positive.

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